As the ancient world had its seven unequaled wonders , so Znojmo, historically the third most important city of Moravia, boasts its unique treasures. And it would in this case be too modest to stay at only seven ... Lets be brash and boast seventy-seven Wonders and with so many one day in the city of knowledge is certainly not enough! Come and enjoy Znojmo thoroughly!

We look forward to welcoming you

77 wonders of Znojmo

Ecclesiastical Buildings
Znojmo - Ecclesiastical Buildings

Defensive Structures
Znojmo Defensive Structures maps.google.com

Residences of nobles and rich burghers
Znojmo Residences of nobles and rich burghers

Pre-Modern and Modern Architecture
Znojmo Pre-Modern and Modern Architecture

Znojmo Memorials

The Green Ring
Znojmo The Green Ring

View Points
Znojmo View Points

Technical Structures
Znojmo Technical Structures

Romantic places
Znojmo Romantic places

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Znojmo and Surroundings

Znojmo - Znojemsk radnin v

Znojmo Town hall tower

Znojmo's Town Hall Tower is the main landmark of the town , and one of the most important Gothic buildings in the Czech Republic .....more..

Znojmo - Rotunda of St. Catherine

Rotunda of St. Catherine

A National Historic Landmark. The Rotunda of St. Catherine is located in the area of the Premyslide castle in Znojmo. It is one of many rotundas built in the early Middle Ages in the territory of Bohemia and Moravia, but differs from others with it's well-preserved wall paintings from 1134. These paintings are exceptional examples of European Romanesque art and question the ideology of the Czech Republic.....more..

Znojmo - Vranov nad Dyj (chateau)

Vranov nad Dyj (chateau)

Vranov's monumental baroque palace was originally built as one of the elements in the podyjske defense system for the southern border. The first written evidence of its existence can be found in the Chronicle of Cosmas (1100 ).....more..

Znojmo - Btov (castle)

Btov (castle)

Bitov castle was built in the 11th century in the first of a string of castles on the southern border of the Premyslide state . The first written mention of Bitov castle dates back to 1061 ....more..

Znojmo - Cornstejn (ruins)

Corntejn (ruins)

The first written mention of Cornstejn castle dates from the 31st May 1343 , in lists of the Moravian Margrave Karl , according to which brothers Lichtenberg Raimund Smil and Cenek split the castles Corntejn and Btov into three parts.....more..

Znojmo - Hardegg


The town was founded as a castle - Castle Hardegg , which is first mentioned in 1145 . The name derives from the old german word castle "hard" - forest "-egg" - rock, stone, in a figurative sense, "hard house in the woods." ....more..

Znojmo - Podyji National Park

Podyji National Park

The Podyji National Park was declared on 1 July 1991 and has the most valuable areas in the Podyji area. Podyj National Park with its area of 103 km 2 is the smallest national park in the Czech Republic .' ....more..

Znojmo - Watermill at Slup

Watermill at Slup

The watermill in Slup is a National Historic Landmark administered by the Technical Museum in Brno. The mill is located about 15 km southeast of Znojmo . The building is a remarkable Renaissance building with four large mills, a functional water wheel and mill race .....more..

Novy Hradek (Znojmo)

Novy Hradek (Znojmo)

Novy Hradek or New Castle are extensive and well-preserved ruins located about 2.5 km south of Lukov .The first written mention of the castle dates back to 1403 , but it is clear that the Moravian Margrave John Henry built the castle in the 2nd half of the 14th century as a hunting lodge....more..

Znojmo Underground

Znojmo Underground

Znojmo Underground is the largest system of underground tunnels and cellars in the Czech Republic , which is almost 27 km long and has up to 4 floors.....more..

Znojmo - St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church in Znojmo in today's form of late Gothic aisled hall was built from 1338 to the early 16th century .....more..

Znojmo - St. Wencelas Chapel

St. Wencelas Chapel

The two-story Chapel of St. Wenceslas, built in 1521, is situated in Znojmo on St. Nicholas Square next to St. Nicholas' Church. The upper chapel has unique late Gothic vaulting. ....more..

Znojmo - Weinviertel


Weinviertel ( English Wine Quarter) is a historical area in the northeast of Lower Austria . To the east it borders the River Morava with Slovakia and to the north Moravia (largely bordering with the river Thaya) . ....more..

Znojmo - Retz


Retz is a historic town, dating back to 1180, 12km southwest of Znojmo.....more..

Znojmo - Laa an der Thaya

Laa an der Thaya

Laa an der Thaya an Austrian Spa town in the Province of Lower Austria is a popular tourist resort. Laa is close to the border with the Czech Republic , about two kilometers south of Hevln . ....more..

Znojmo - Sealsfields Stone

Sealsfields Stone

Sealsfield stone is a viewpoint on the top of a hill in the Podyji National Park, near to Znojmo. The stone is dedicated to Charles Sealsfield a famous writer of romantic novels with American backgrounds and travelogues. Who was said to have sat there enjoying the view.....more..

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